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Tiongkok states its process of law trump Hong Kong's on nose and mouth mask ruling

Best Hong Kong Chinese categorical Parliament of Law No. Principle chance of constitutionality simple under Legislation, "Tanwei, mentioned a statement. "No other judgments MAKE specialist authority to decide", he quoted as saying.

Protesters covered their people to hide their identification as they authorities torque riot through the exhibition. Best Chinese parliament mentioned Hong Kong process of law has no chance of principle of the constitutionality of laws in simple Legislation, which has a forbidden offered glasses, city organization the status reports Xinhua noted Tuesday. The affirmation came all the Hong Kong High Court ruled days China says its on which a ban on putting glasses through community presentations that shook the financial center for over five months was unconstitutional. "Maybe the particular Hong Kong regulations instead management comply with Hong Kong-based regulations are not able to assess and determined by the Standing Committee in the country mask22.com wide The popular legislative power," Yan Tanwei , aspokesperson intended business in the Fee Committee Standing legislature broad popular countries mentioned in a statement. "Not another specialist has the power to make judgments and choices," the statement mentioned. Embattled Hong Kong Carrie Lam Ceo offered adopting a prohibited put on glasses because expert presentations climbing democracy. Protesters used cache to hide their details in public areas. The China says Hong suggestion has been widely belittled by the promoters in the anti activity --authorities, who discovered as showing almost any danger to the protesters. Hong Kong Grand Court ruled on Monday that the North-time unexpected emergency regulations, which have been revived to justify the facemask banned were "discordant with all the simple rules" breakfast constitution to which Hong Kong was returned to Tiongkok in 1997.

legal Court on how Prohibition was with all the simple legislation. Photo:. Reuters

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